William Contreras

William Contreras

Conroe, TX | Powur Warrior Since 2019
Redefining Success: My Leap from Traditional Jobs to Solar Power with Powur

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At Powur, I’ve discovered the extraordinary freedom of selling solar across the United States and Puerto Rico. Their cutting-edge, cloud-based platform enables me to offer solar solutions worldwide. But it’s not just about geographical reach; Powur’s industry-leading compensation model is genuinely transformative, allowing solar sales consultants like myself to earn up to 86% of the margin. This isn’t just a job – it’s a revolution in green energy and personal empowerment.
Hello. I’m William, an entrepreneur from Puerto Rico. I am fueled by the desire to be my boss and make a meaningful environmental impact.
My sales journey began humbly, selling car cleaning products at a gas station back home in Puerto Rico. I ventured through various direct sales roles, each a stepping stone, yet barely making ends meet. Seeking more fantastic opportunities, I moved to the United States in 2009, initially taking up a position as an overnight stocker at Target in Massachusetts, then transitioning to Coca-Cola in Texas. These roles were valuable, teaching me crucial skills, but I yearned for something more – to achieve my goals and be in charge of my destiny.

2018 marked a turning point when I joined Powur. More than the lucrative aspect, Powur redefined my sense of purpose. It’s not just about personal profit; it’s about being part of a more significant movement towards sustainable living. At Powur, I’m not just selling solar panels; I’m helping families secure a greener future, contributing to environmental preservation, and leading a team that shares this vision.

In just ten months, my earnings surpassed what I made annually in previous roles, a testament to the potential and support Powur offers. This success allowed me to purchase my first home and spend precious time with my family – my deepest values. Powur was more than a career change; it was a life change.




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