Wally Arida

Wally Arida

Hemet, CA | Powur Warrior Since 2020
Meet your solar pro: The expert who can brighten your future with clean energy!

About Wally Arida

As one of Powur’s TOP 5 solar representatives and one of the highest-rated solar pros in the whole USA, I’ll help you create a brighter future for your family.

Interested in solar for your home or as a life-changing career? I can guide you through your unique solar journey and help you discover the incredible benefits to our planet—and your income—with Powur.

Finding your inner Powur starts with the first step into the incredible world of clean energy! Contact me today to learn more about achieving your goals and creating a sustainable future for generations to come!
I’m Wally, a solar-obsessed sales leader with a passion for the planet and helping people achieve sustainable long-term success.
My journey through the solar system began back in 2020 I wanted to help people harness the environmental and economic benefits of a sustainable energy source. Since that day, I’ve helped over 800 customers fall in love with solar.

With 75% of new customers generated via referrals from past customers, I’m ranked as one of Powur’s top five solar representatives—and it’s awesome that I can positively impact people’s lives and the environment.

I love mentoring new representatives because it’s wonderful to use my decades of industry knowledge to motivate and guide passionate new solar stars in creating their own formula for sustainable energy and financial freedom.

My favorite part of selling solar is when I talk to excited customers who can’t believe they get to save tons of money on energy costs while feeling good about creating a greener future for their kids.

When I’m not spreading the word about solar or getting to mentor new representatives, you’ll find me spending sunny afternoons exploring a coastline or going on a hike all over the world.

Why did I choose POWUR as my platform for solar success?

Working with Powur gives me the opportunity to apply my 40+ years of sales expertise to help homeowners enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy and support enthusiastic new solar reps to achieve a lucrative and fulfilling solar-powered lifestyle.

It feels amazing to see the differences my work is making daily with POWUR, and I’m honored to help aspiring reps and customers achieve their goals with solar.




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