Ubaldo Torres

Ubaldo Torres

Passaic, NJ | Powur Warrior Since 2020
I found my calling! I am on a mission to empower lives through renewable energy.

About Ubaldo Torres

“The Powur platform has allowed me to help hundreds of homeowners make the transition from utility companies—known for charging customers high rates for dirty energy—to producing their own cleaner energy, taking control of their costs while also helping the environment. Powur has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential, professionally and personally.”

My compassion for conservation and passion for career growth helps me help you build a brighter future with solar energy. Saving money, protecting our planet, and finding a career you love isn’t a pipedream. I’m living proof. With POWUR, it’s easier and more rewarding than you can imagine. Contact me to learn how solar can change the planet and unchain you from oppressive traditional energy monopolies.
I’m Ubaldo, an entrepreneur passionate about helping others find their sun-powered purpose.
Finding a career that gave me financial stability and purpose took me a while. I spent a lot of time in a job that left me feeling unfulfilled. I was passionate about doing good, and my love for conservation came from my mother. I always wanted to make a difference. When she passed away, I decided to find a profession that was bigger than myself—and would keep her memory alive.

I found my calling in 2020 when I discovered Powur, where I get to spend each day helping homeowners save money and aspiring environmental entrepreneurs create a brighter future for the planet and themselves.

New to solar, I knew my first step to success was getting informed. POWUR’s intuitive and comprehensive training platform gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to become an expert that customers can count on.

Certified in Enphase, SolarEdge, roofing, Tier 2 solar skills, Tier 3 Solar Expertise, and CT CSLB HIS, I’m working to bring solar to as many customers in the Tristate area as possible.

I use this knowledge to help as many people as I can and educate them on the benefits of solar energy and a solar career. I’m honored that my work makes a difference—that what I do impacts not only the here and now—but for generations to come.




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