Tyler Ingley

Tyler Ingley

Thousand Oaks, CA | Warrior Since 2021
A Decade of Solar Influence – Why I Switched to Full-Time Powur Advocacy

About Tyler Ingley

There’s no doubt about it — solar power is changing the world for the better, and being a part of that revolution is thrilling. Building a business with Powur empowers you to support your family, fulfill your dreams, and breathe life and purpose into the families you help.

Whether you have years of sales experience or want to help people see the light (no pun intended), working as a Powur consultant is part of a bigger, sustainable picture for the world.

Contact me to learn more about gaining financial independence through your Powur business.
My name is Tyler, and I have been educating people about the merits of solar energy for over a decade.
From knocking door-to-door in 2013 to building my own consulting business with Powur in 2021, I’ve seen the full spectrum of the solar energy industry. As a former account manager and sales engineer, I can confidently say my heart and soul belong here—in the world of independent consulting and mentoring.

I have helped over 700 families switch to solar, and I can’t wait to continue growing that legacy. I’ve also trained other consultants who have collectively brought solar to thousands of homes—a huge positive environmental impact!

Powur has given me a unique and secure way to support my family while providing me with opportunities to spend more time with them. I love to travel and enjoy life with my beautiful wife, Andrea, and our two children, Lucas and Mila. I have Powur to thank for that freedom.

Here’s what drew me to Powur…

At first, Powur was more of a side gig for me. But after about a year, I couldn’t deny the pull of full-time consulting with this fantastic company. The finances and independence made more sense for my life goals, and Powur’s mission stood out to me as unique among other solar platforms.

Powur works with vetted installers in the largest network of national solar sales, and its partners provide high-quality technology and flexible financing options. In short, Powur makes the switch to solar easier and more accessible than ever because they actually care about making a positive difference in the world.




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