Nelson Ortega

Nelson Ortega

Orlando, FL | Warrior Since 2020
Solar Para Todos: Spreading Clean Energy in Puerto Rico and Beyond

About Nelson Ortega

If you’re passionate about the environment, forging your professional path, and inspiring others to make a difference, Powur is the perfect fit!

As a leading consultant since 2020, I’ve seen the amazing rewards of working with Powur’s platform. The only thing standing between you and the life you’ve always wanted is yourself! Work with me to find out how Powur can help you reach your goals while making a real difference.
I’m Nelson Ortega, and solar power transformed my family’s community in Puerto Rico.
In 2014, my mother was hard at work bringing residential solar power solutions to families in Puerto Rico. Her dedication and passion for clean energy inspired me to join the solar industry, and together, we focused on changing the world one panel at a time.

Then, in 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, devastating an already weak power grid system. My mother’s community was able to rely on solar power during this devastating time, solidifying my belief in this fantastic technology. Solar power allowed life-saving systems like water pumps, air conditioning, and hospital machines and equipment to continue operating.

A few years after the hurricane, I discovered Powur. The promise of building my own business while still committing to changing the world through solar was all I needed to make the switch. Today, Powur is the fastest-growing residential solar company in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and we continue to help bring clean energy to more homes daily. There are so many reasons to choose Powur… Along with the unique opportunity to build my own business, I was drawn to Powur because of the company’s mission and values.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Powur is legally responsible for doing good for the environment and society. Their carbon offset program proves they take this initiative seriously, as the company spends thousands every month to carry out projects like planting new forests.

In 2021, Powur also became the first solar company in history to offset the emissions used in manufacturing and installing solar equipment.

This commitment to giving back resonates with me and makes me proud to join this innovative company. I’m excited to continue helping people switch to solar energy while finding like-minded individuals to do the same.




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