Mike Winter

Mike Winter

San Diego, CA | Powur Warrior since 2015
Reach for the Sun—How I Moved from Aerospace Engineering to Solar Consulting

About Mike Winter

Working with Powur has been the best decision for my unique career path so far. Pivoting from a 17-year career in aerospace and other operations to solar was completely worth it because Powur made it exceptional.

If you’ve been wishing for more purpose in your work or hoping to become your boss, Powur may be the answer you’re looking for. Powur combines a passion for clean energy with the freedom to shape your work/life balance. Contact me to find out more—your future is waiting!
I’m Mike Winter, a former aerospace engineer. Working with Powur allows me to live my best life!
With a background in technology and engineering, solar seemed like a natural fit for me, even though I had no experience in this industry. After working for nearly 17 years in various professional capacities, my brother-in-law introduced me to Powur. I began consulting with people about solar power and found myself chasing that ah-ha! It was a light bulb moment when they realized what an asset these systems are. Helping families learn how easily switching to solar can be is a refreshing experience for me.

Since becoming a consultant at Powur, I have helped countless individuals go solar. Knowing I’ve positively impacted the environment keeps me going and fuels my desire to spread the word to everyone around me.

But why did I choose Powur, specifically?

In 2011, I had an enlightening experience traveling abroad to Costa Rica that opened my eyes to the world around me. In 2020, I learned that Powur’s founder, Jonathan Budd, had a similar experience of illumination during his travels that led to Powur’s founding! Jonathan’s conviction and my brother-in-law’s experience at Powur made this bold career change an easy choice.

I also love the potential for growth at this company because it truly is for the people and is owned by them. Powur has the largest and most influential solar sales network, which makes my job almost effortless. When I speak to individuals about going solar, I confidently say they’re getting the best the industry offers through Powur.

Plus, Powur is the first residential solar company to completely offset the carbon emissions from manufacturing solar equipment. That level of commitment to the environment is inspiring, and it helps us consultants feel the passion for this industry!




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