Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson

Lake Wales, FL | Warrior Since 2021
From Fighting Fires to Embracing Solar: My Journey to Powur Consulting

About Michael Patterson

If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, Powur is an amazing way to finally free yourself of arbitrary schedules, time cards, and other corporate limitations. As the owner of KLN Solar through Powur’s infrastructure, I’m passionate about designing solutions for individuals, while experiencing the freedom to live life to its fullest.

Work with me to find out how to reach your full potential, all while saving the planet and bringing solar to homes around the country.
I’m Michael, a former Special Operations Fire Engineer, who successfully offers solar power solutions to homeowners all over!
When my family and I began dealing with frequent power outages in our Tampa home, I started looking for backup batteries and systems. My work often required me to leave for various stretches of time, and I was determined to keep the lights on in my absence.

This quest led me to the purchase and installation of solar power and solar backup batteries. I felt so strongly about this solution that I began bringing solar to others under leadership from this same company.

After a while, I saw an even better solution—representing solar under my own business model through Powur. It didn’t take long for me to fully transition into a full-time business owner at KLN Solar. Powur allows me to bring a unique engineering mindset to my solar business, as I’m committed to building systems that are durable, and technically sound.

As a previous solar customer, I understand how valuable independence from the grid can be, especially during natural disasters. There’s no mistaking why I love working for Powur…

After working under a previous solar provider, Powur’s structure of independent consulting felt like a breath of fresh air. At Powur, I get to be my own boss, while still benefiting from their extremely effective network of tech partners and installers.

With my degrees in Emergency Medicine, Biomedical Science, Exercise Physiology, and Nutrition Science, solar energy makes so much sense to me, and Powur shares my passion for this amazing innovative technology.

Together, Powur and KLN Solar provide renewable energy to homeowners, with a focus on making a positive impact in this world. I love sharing this opportunity with others because I truly believe in Powur’s mission and values.




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