Lorenzo Jaimez

Lorenzo Jaimez

Newport Beach, CA | Powur Warrior Since 2020
I help build stronger and happier communities with solar sustainability.

About Lorenzo Jaimez

With enough expertise and commitment to solar, I have been able to sell 25 megawatts in under 5 years, that is enough to power around 5,000 homes! I am driven to help you find your path to power your home with sustainable energy.

From saving money to building a successful and sustainable career you love, the benefits of Powur are truly remarkable. If you’ve considered solar power—either as a way to take control of your energy costs or as a way to build a fulfilling career, the opportunities with Powur are endless.

Contact me today to learn how POWUR can help you achieve your goals while directly contributing to a greener and healthier future!
I’m Lorenzo, and I’m passionate about building stronger, healthier, and happier communities with sustainable solar energy.
My work in renewable energy has spanned almost a decade, during which I’ve represented industry giants like SolarCity and Sunrun. Certified in all Pace, Enphase, and SolarEdge products, I’ve helped open markets all over Southern California. During the past 4 years, I’ve focused mainly on helping commercial organizations recognize and adopt the cost-saving power of solar energy.

Achieving my certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences in the state of California has allowed me to develop the skills and expertise necessary to help people looking to go solar and new solar representatives understand the nuances of solar energy.

Additionally, being bilingual (Spanish and English) and a virtual closer in all 50 states places me in a unique position to educate clients about renewable energy and walk customers through the solar sales process. Because of this, I have been able to help a diverse array of home and business owners build energy strategies that fit their goals.

What I love most about my job is seeing first-hand how solar promotes healthier and happier communities wherever it goes. It’s been so motivating to know that my work in solar is helping create a better world for communities all over the world.

But what do I love most about working for Powur?

Working with Powur helped me create a fulfilling career that fits my family’s lifestyle. Having a schedule that I’m entirely in control of and financial independence lets me build a better world for my family near and far.

Powur also offers paid teaching opportunities that let me spread my knowledge with new representatives, offers me the flexibility to pursue my passions for coaching youth sports, volunteering at my local church, and spending quality time with my wife and four kids.

Sustainable energy has empowered me to create a sustainable future for my family and the planet. Knowing the work I do today will give my kids and their kids a greener and more beautiful future tomorrow is a priceless gift I am grateful for every day.




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