Lenny Fairfield

Lenny Fairfield

Clayton, NC | Warrior Since 2020
Helping homeowners turn a liability into an asset

About Lenny Fairfield

You’re already paying a utility bill — why not turn a necessity into an investment in your future? By going solar, you can minimize your energy bills, reduce your reliance on the grid, increase your energy freedom, and do good for our planet.

I love educating consumers on the financial benefits of going solar, especially because Powur offers the industry’s lowest rates and best value. Powur makes it easy for me to give homeowners a fully customized solution that meets their needs and costs less than their current utilities. It offers consumers a low-cost, clean, reliable energy source they can depend on, no matter what happens with the grid. What’s not to love?

The future of our planet depends on the advancement of solar energy. Don’t wait to join the movement. Your posterity (and your wallet) will thank you for it.
I’m Lenny Fairfield — a seasoned solar professional passionate about innovation and leadership.
My journey in the solar industry began in 2020. I earned an MBA from East Carolina University and spent 17 years as an independent private wealth manager. I was seeking a new opportunity to help others and give back. I quickly found that opportunity in solar sales, which allowed me to leverage my unique strengths and interests, including my business administration background, a passion for helping people save money, and excitement about creating a more sustainable future.

Joining Powur was an easy decision — the comprehensive platform and affordability for consumers are unmatched by any other solar company. I instantly saw that Powur was different, with an impact- and mission-driven focus that speaks for itself.

As an independent Powur seller, I’ve focused on coaching consumers about the money-saving benefits of going solar. I share that knowledge at every chance, whether via live presentations, webinars, podcasts, or conference calls. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping customers take a bill they’re already paying and transform it from a liability into an asset.

Today, I’m proud to be pivotal in advancing solar energy initiatives in Raleigh, North Carolina, the greater Carolina region, and beyond. As founder and CEO of Solar Plan Solutions, I can blend my passions for innovation, leadership, sales, and business development while promoting a greener future for our planet.




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