Lazaro Castro

Lazaro Castro

Cedar Park, TX | Warrior Since 2019
Unleash the power of solar for your business and family!

About Lazaro Castro

Transitioning to solar has changed my life forever, and it can change yours too! Whether you are wanting to make the switch to solar for your own home or you are looking for a career change, I can help you navigate the next steps. Join me as we move away from the grid toward a brighter and more sustainable future!
I’m Lazaro, a successful businessman originating from Guatemala dedicated to improving the lives of others through solar!
As a businessman, I understand the value of networking and recognizing how different industries shift their focus from one interest to the next. For a couple of years, I began to notice increased conversations surrounding solar energy and its positive impact on homeowners and our environment. Then In November 2019, a friend of mine began to share about the new solar company he was working for—Powur. He couldn’t stop talking about the fun and success he was experiencing with the company.

That’s when I decided to join Powur, and I never looked back. I love working for Powur because I get to help homeowners all over the country lower their energy bills. I witness solar’s positive impact on my clients’ lives and wallets first-hand. The joy, excitement, and relief they feel after making the switch to solar is very fulfilling. I also appreciate the freedom that comes with this business. No matter where I am living, I can still work.

Outside of work, I love to travel. I am also working on getting my real estate license, which I am very excited about. No matter what I do, I want to ensure I give back to my community and help others. I look forward to continuing to grow my team and set up a foundation where I can help others receive the same opportunities I have had since leaving Guatemala and moving to the United States.




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