Keenan Garcia

Keenan Garcia

Grapevine, TX | Powur Warrior Since 2020
Empowering entrepreneurs and brightening lives with solar energy.

About Keenan Garcia

My lifelong entrepreneurial spirit, and half a decade dedicated to the solar industry, allows me to help customers and business owners find the solar solution that fits their goals.

Whether you’re taking control of your energy or income source, with Powur, I can help you find the perfect solar system.

Contact me to see how easy it is to create additional income streams via the ever-expanding opportunities of sustainable solar energy.
I’m Keenan, a lifelong learner committed to helping others grow and transform their lives.
Becoming an entrepreneur at a very young age, I sold everything from alarm systems to Real Estate. In 2017, I found my calling in direct-to-consumer and business solar sales and never looked back.

Currently, my Powur team specializes in helping roofers understand the value of offering solar solutions to their customers and the additional revenue it can generate.

Having navigated the solar industry’s ups and downs (especially during the pandemic), I know exactly how to help customers master sustainable energy adoption and work with roofers to create solar solutions for their customers.

I love helping people experience the life-changing benefits of solar and make the right kind of impact in the world. However, my deeper passion comes from mentoring fellow entrepreneurs as they build their solar businesses. My favorite part of the job is sharing the invaluable benefits of this always-evolving technology.

Why did I choose Powur?

I knew Powur was the kind of brand I could get behind because their virtual growth options were disruptive and exciting! As the solar industry continues to evolve, watching Powur innovate and grow is inspiring.

Powur lets me blend a love of direct-to-consumer sales with my passion for conservation, take total control of my earning potential, keep my knowledge sharp, and my love of solar ignited. It is rewarding to know I’ll leave the world a bit better than how I found it.




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