Jordan Shaw

Jordan Shaw

Menifee, CA | Powur Warrior since 2021
Finding renewed purpose: Helping others realize the benefits of solar.

About Jordan Shaw

As a Powur consultant, I am passionate about showing others the value of converting to solar energy. If you are ready to save money and preserve our planet’s natural resources for generations to come, I’d love for you to join me! Together, we will identify your solar needs and discover how Powur can make a difference in your life.
I’m Jordan, a former IT professional and successful entrepreneur committed to driving sustainable change through solar energy.
After working as an IT professional for 17 years with Dell, Google, and the Federal Government, I began to feel burnt out and lost my sense of purpose. Then, in 2014 my family and I were privileged enough to start on our own solar journey as the first home in our Maryland community to install solar.

Going solar showed me and my family that it was possible to take ownership of our energy in a practical and sustainable way. It also revealed that there was a genuine and growing interest in the technology, and I was ready to learn as much as possible! I started my solar sales journey by connecting with my neighbors, friends, and family, who asked me questions about my personal experience with going solar. I truly believe this was a beautiful opportunity to connect with people I already cared about and share my honest feedback on how Powur changed the game for me and my family. Over time, I took my passion for solar and turned it into a successful consulting business.

Fast forward to 2023—I’ve been driving sustainable change across 20+ states and don’t plan to stop anytime soon! In just this year alone, my team has helped over 100 households, who have chosen sustainability for themselves and their families. Our mission is “to build a generational legacy by empowering people for positive environmental and social change.” Solar has given me a new purpose. I am continuously helping my clients save money and providing tangible environmental benefits for future generations. Plus, having my daughter grow up in a better world because of solar is priceless. Powur has given me the opportunity to help people go solar from virtually anywhere, on my own terms. This is a huge win for me in terms of my work-life balance.

Are you ready to join us on this incredible journey? Let’s get started!




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