Jonathan Brunasso

Jonathan Brunasso

Las Vegas, NV | Powur Warrior since 2019
Powering families and transforming communities with clean energy!

About Jonathan Brunasso

Helping homeowners to make the best investment in their home, while they save money, is one of the most gratifying things for me. At Powur, we are helping to save the environment and donating to families in need who want solar as an economical way to go “green” and save money.

I love assisting families who want to switch to solar and helping other salespeople grow in their solar careers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me to learn how you can change your life by adopting solar or joining our Powurful team.
I’m Jonathan, and I love helping others — homeowners and Powur professionals!
I joined Powur in 2019 because I really liked the transparency I saw in the way the company communicates with its sellers. Plus I am totally in sync with the purpose and mission of the company. Powur has a unique culture where we are always encouraged to grow personally and professionally, while serving others and giving back whenever we can.

I love that I can work from ANYWHERE I want — due to Powur’s cloud-based technology platform — all while helping homeowners save money on their electricity! Plus, I get the opportunity help other solar professionals build successful Powur businesses of their own! The freedom to sell and recruit virtually provides a level of freedom I’ve never known before.

Currently, I lead a team of solar professionals located across the U.S. As a licensed realtor, I am also passionate about educating the real estate community about solar energy and the benefits it has for homeowners and the environment.

Why did I join Powur?

There were so many reasons but I really wanted to make an impact on the environment and on homeowners’ lives. My job is so rewarding, especially when I see a homeowner’s excitement during an installation, after I’ve helped them design the right fit with the right system for them. When they no longer have to rely on the utility company, they are creating their own power and taking control back from the utility company.

I love the freedom and flexibility that Power’s online platform offers me and I can literally help people across the country from anywhere.The future of solar is very bright and our team members have a vested interest in each other’s success.

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