Joel Gossett

Joel Gossett

Lake Worth, FL | Powur Warrior since 2020
From winning in sports to winning with solar.

About Joel Gossett

With Powur, in addition to improving my own life, I’m able to help make a positive impact on the lives of other families. Whether you want to achieve energy independence or pursue an entrepreneurial career with the Powur team, I’ve got your back. Contact me today so we can get started on helping you achieve your dreams!
I’m Joel, a former pro baseball player and professional poker dealer native to Venezuela, who is confident that Powur can add great value to your life!
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, I came to the US as a young man, not knowing any English and unsure of what the future held. Thankfully, I learned English quickly and have been blessed with an exciting life in America. My love for sports, especially baseball, led to the opportunity to play in school and briefly in the pros. Afterward, I spent ten years as a professional poker dealer. To this day, I still love a good game of Texas Hold’em. It’s taught me many lessons about life, chance, and odds.

My life changed when I discovered Powur. I became part of an organization that allows me to help others and help make the world a better place for generations to come. Powur not only provides me with the opportunity to run my business the way I want to run it but also gives a greater purpose to my work. The best part of working for Powur is that it gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact on a global scale. Powur operates with transparency, and that level of trust means everything to me.

But what do I love most about working for Powur?

I love the work that we’re doing in the solar space because it’s about more than money. While I can make significantly more in commissions than other solar companies offer, what’s kept me here is our community and purpose. We get to have a global impact—Powur is making the world a better place for future generations!

Powur is a platform unlike any other. It enhances my professional business and my personal life, bringing unmatched value. As a natural competitor, I love to win, and with Powur, I’m winning every day!

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