Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin

Troy, MI | Warrior Since 2020
Living my passion and building a cleaner future for our planet

About Jeffrey Martin

The devastating effects of climate change are all around us. After seeing many of these effects in my own town of Miami Beach, Florida, I quickly realized that the solar industry would be the next and most important chapter of my life. I quit my career in corporate America because I believed that going solar was truly one of the best ways to ensure a cleaner future for us all. Now, I get to help create that future every day with my clients and the Powur community.

With Powur, I have all the tools and resources needed to deliver the best possible customer experience to every homeowner. My Powur team has already helped 2,000 homeowners save money, gain energy independence, and go green — and we’re just getting started.

We only have one planet. Every time another homeowner goes solar, we get closer to ensuring our Earth and its resources continue to thrive. Are you ready to join me in the solar revolution?
I’m Jeffrey Martin — a former corporate fixer using my skillset to create a cleaner future for our planet.
As a long-time resident of Miami Beach, Florida, I witnessed the effects of climate change firsthand. There, I became passionate about renewable energy and the potential for solar to help promote a cleaner future for us all.

I’ve been 100% committed to my role as a solar sales professional since day one. I’ve been fortunate to leverage my prior work experience in corporate America to effectively teach my customers about solar energy’s financial and environmental benefits. My previous work history was centered around customer experience, which has helped me develop an almost exclusively referral-based business. I’m proud to foster a hands-on relationship with every homeowner on every project, every time.

Though there are countless reasons why I love my job, the best part is helping people break free from the monopoly of the grid and flip an always-increasing liability into an asset. I always look forward to starting a new conversation with a potential customer. I know that when I’m fully invested in meeting the needs of my customers, everything else falls into place.




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