Janice Vaughan

Janice Vaughan

Las Vegas, NV | Warrior Since 2020
From Rooftops to Revolution: Janice Vaughan’s Solar Journey

About Janice Vaughan

Welcome to the world of Janice Vaughan, a dedicated Powur consultant who has harnessed the sun’s power for nearly seven years. From in-home roofing and solar sales to providing nationwide virtual consultations, Janice embodies the spirit of renewable energy. She invites you to join this transformative movement, where we can light up the world with solar power—one rooftop at a time.
I’m Janice Vaughan — a dynamic solar energy advocate dedicated to sustainability and empowering homeowners nationwide.
My journey into the solar industry started on the rooftops of San Diego, where I first saw the potential of integrating solar panels with roofing projects. This transition wasn’t just about upgrading homes but transforming them into sustainable power sources, turning routine roofing jobs into opportunities for significant environmental and economic impact.

As I deepened my involvement in solar energy, my role evolved from a salesperson to an educator and advocate, explaining solar’s long-term benefits and energy independence. Each project supported cleaner energy and financially relieved families, making my work incredibly fulfilling.

Today, with Powur, I’ve expanded my reach across the United States, adapting my approach to different climates and homeowner needs. My commitment to spreading the benefits of solar energy has established me as a leader in this field, where every installation underlines the transformative potential of renewable energy. Each new solar panel installed is a step toward a sustainable future, making every home a beacon of positive change.

Reason for Choosing Powur

Choosing Powur was a pivotal moment in my career. The platform’s innovative, decentralized approach opened new horizons for me, allowing me to extend my reach beyond San Diego to homeowners nationwide, all from any corner of the globe. Powur’s cloud-based platform resonated deeply with me, blending seamlessly with my vision of helping homeowners beyond my local region. The sophistication, user-friendliness, and unmatched homeowner benefits of Powur’s model were irresistible.




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