Chris Tshibangu

Chris Tshibangu

Frisco, TX | Powur Warrior Since 2020
Get ready for your “Wow! I didn’t know solar could do that” moment!

About Chris Tshibangu

With over a decade in sales and an unparalleled passion for solar, I help others achieve their sustainable energy goals. Saving money and protecting our planet for future generations is easier than you think. If you’re passionate about solar and want your work to make a difference, starting a career with POWUR can open doors you never thought possible…

Ready to see what solar POWUR can do for you? Contact me to learn how forging a path of sustainability can change your life…
I’m Chris, and it was all thanks to my wife’s dream, and a fateful call from a friend, that I found my career in solar.
I was no stranger to sales, having worked for over a decade in security systems and insurance. But my life in solar was all thanks to my wife’s dream—literally. She had a vision of me on rooftops, looking happier than I’d ever been. While we didn’t know what it meant then (or even what solar was at the time), that all changed when I received a phone call from a friend.

A friend worked for a big-name solar brand, and he suggested I’d be a great fit for their company. As he explained solar to me, I remembered the dream, and everything clicked. Since that day, I’ve helped more than 1,000 customers go solar.

My journey through the solar industry was challenging at the beginning, but that only spurred my motivation to grow in the field. I worked with several major solar brands to start, one of which I honed my skills so well that I achieved the top seller position for over 3 years.

With Powur, I’ve become a solar master who helps customers “see the light.” I love that “Oh, wow!” moment when they realize how solar improves more than just their energy bill. I love showing people that it’s not only a great property investment, but a great professional investment, too—especially if they’re passionate about the environment.

Why did I choose Powur?

When I saw how POWUR reinvented the solar business model by introducing several incredible innovations that no other solar company had offered before, I realized I wanted to be a part of such a team of fearless pioneers.

Powur gives me total control over my schedule, allowing me to design my ideal work-life balance. My favorite aspect of working for POWUR is FREEDOM. But freedom means more than just a flexible schedule to me…

It’s the one-of-a-kind, in-depth training POWUR provides to their sales representatives—empowering us to be the best we can be in our journey to help people go solar.

It’s the freedom to innovate and reinvent oneself—and I respect how POWUR is brave enough to try something new.

It’s the freedom provided by a comprehensive and intuitive platform that makes selling easy for both reps and customers.

My POWURed life means the freedom to build a legacy of good. Thanks to Powur helping me forge a path that fits my dreams, I’ve been able to invest time in philanthropy and helping others. That includes opening a school and orphanage in the Congo and building my coaching business: “Success From The Inside Out.”

In my free time, I love traveling with my family and reading. You’ll almost always find me with a book centered on professional or spiritual growth.




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