Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson

Troy, VA | Powur Warrior Since 2015
My passion is to help others accelerate their paths to success by going solar!

About Charles Thompson

As an advisory board member and sales leadership mentor with Powur, I am ready to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to embrace the solar lifestyle for your home or grow a successful career in clean energy, I can show you the way! And guess what—with Powur, you can accomplish BOTH. Contact me today to learn how Powur can change your world.
I’m Charles Thompson, a solar energy entrepreneur with a passion for growth and improvement.
Before I joined Powur in 2015, I served on active duty for nine years in the US Air Force. During this time, I earned an MBA in business management and served in many professional leadership roles both in the military and as a civilian.

Combining technology with a human touch quickly became one of my passions. I was fortunate enough to work with small and large companies locally and nationally. This experience further propelled my passion for helping these companies and the people within them achieve peak sales and business productivity, accelerating their paths to success in their respective industries.

I then brought all that training, experience, and passion to Powur, where I’ve helped countless homeowners decide to embrace a solar lifestyle. Working for a company that is determined to impact the world positively makes me feel empowered and excited to continue leading my team members to reach their entrepreneurial dreams.




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