Carol Cole-Lewis

Carol Cole-Lewis

Upper Lake, CA | Powur Warrior Since 2016
Increasing energy independence, one home at a time

About Carol Cole-Lewis

Once you understand the many ways solar can benefit your life, it’s an easy decision. Not only will it help you lower your energy bills and increase your energy independence, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the future of our planet.

As my time serving with the Pachamama Alliance has taught me, we all have a responsibility as stewards of the environment. When we step into that role, we sustain the resources needed to thrive. It’s a reciprocal relationship, and I love seeing more people take part in it as they join the clean energy movement!
I’m Carol Cole-Lewis — a socially conscious, values-focused solar seller who loves helping people gain energy independence.
I began my journey as an independent solar consultant in 2016, driven by the desire to help more Americans enjoy the benefits of going solar. I love helping people reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint through solar panels and renewable energy. It’s an enriching career path that feels tailor-made for me.

I come from a strong sales, marketing, and training background, which I obtained by working with companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages. I’ve done everything from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 100 corporations.

I’m the proud author of Go Solar With Confidence, an Amazon #1 best-seller that empowers more people to switch to clean energy. I’m also a Pachamama Alliance-trained facilitator trained explicitly on ways to help community members take positive and effective action toward building a brighter future free from ecological and social crises. My passion for community and positive change also carries over into my spiritual life. As an active member of the Unitarian Universalist community, I stand on the side of love, justice, and peace for all people.

Lastly, a few more fun facts about me: I’ve lived on three continents. I love rowing at dawn, singing acapella, and waking up next to my fantastic husband, Clovice Lewis (and our two cats, Maya and Oliver.)




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