Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Valencia, CA | Powur Warrior since 2015
I’m the “Brit with Grit,” and I’m passionate about solar energy.

About Andy Smith

As a long-time advocate for clean energy, I understand solar’s ins and outs. With my expertise, I can help you make the right energy decision for your home as well as the right decision for your financial future.

Whether you’re looking for the best solar option for your home, or the best entrepreneurial opportunity, I’m uniquely qualified to help you. Contact me today to learn more about how you can live “life by design!”
I’m Andrew, the “Brit with grit” who can’t stop advocating for the power and freedom of clean energy with Powur!
I have been with Powur since its beginning in 2015, and what a journey it has been! I’ve seen it grow and transform into an industry leader, and I’ve assembled the largest team of solar professionals within the organization. Powur has given me the opportunity to live my life by my design, something I once only dreamed of. And now, having found purpose in my business life, my path is crystal clear.

This organization gives anyone serious about energy independence the opportunity to achieve clean energy goals for their home. Powur offers the remarkable opportunity to create a fulfilling and satisfying life because you are making a difference in your world and the world around you. But what do I love most about working for Powur?

The Powur business model enables us to truly live “life by design.” I can work on my own terms, from anywhere, at any time—with the power of a national company to support me. I enjoy both freedom of time and freedom of location.

Having studied climate science in college and been mentored by Al Gore, I’ve always advocated for clean energy. But one of the advantages of solar is that you can benefit regardless of whether you share my climate concerns.

If you’re ready to benefit from the energy independence of solar or the financial freedom of joining the Powur team, contact me now to learn more.




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